Some considerations for job seekers in Michigan

by Darwin on January 27, 2014

Just recently Michigan unemployment rate dropped 0.4 points to 8.4%. Last October this rate was fixed at 9%. So, it is obvious that employment situation in Michigan is improving – slowly, yet gradually. Similar to the situation all over the US, healthcare specialists are the luckiest professionals on the job market – registered nurses, dentists, as well as other health service experts are in the greatest demand. Yet, plenty of other work is available on the state market. You can check out a full list of required jobs in Michigan at

So, if you are applying for a job in Michigan, the first you would want to do is to evaluate your competition. As it was already mentioned, healthcare professionals are the first ones getting hired. In fact, Michigan market obviously lacks registered nurses, so if you are one of them – you’re really lucky. The next position in the employment spotlight belongs to white-collars workers, including all kinds of managers, customer service representatives, etc. The third spot is occupied by truck and tractor drivers; next, there are teachers – in particular, elementary school teachers. The sixth and seventh positions are taken by industrial engineers and computer systems analysts consequently.

So, if you have fallen under one of these categories, you can easily evaluate your employment chances in Michigan. If not, no need to worry – it was just the top of the list. There are plenty of employment opportunities for civil and software engineers, public services experts, technicians, HR-staff, and much more.

Yet, if finding a job takes longer than you expected, there are some things you might like to consider. First of all, work on your resume. On an average, HR-managers spend about 6 seconds scanning through your file before they decide whether it’s worth further reading. So, be brief and to the point. Make sure to highlight your strong points and make them noticeable.

Next – subscribe for job seeking sites that offer the latest updates on the most recent job openings. would be a good choice in any state, including Michigan. Apart from offering e-mail subscription options, it has a friendly navigation and functional search system. You can choose your own criteria, including location, category, company, date of an opening, etc. Plus, it has great look and feel, which is not bad either. So, good luck finding your dream job!

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