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by Darwin on March 6, 2014

I’ve always been a fan of Richard Branson and his various businesses.  I got to see him speak in person at a pharmaceutical industry event DCAT in New York City a few years ago, and boy, did he deliver.  Each year, they bring in a keynote speaker (this year is Hillary Clinton) and he’s by far the best I’ve ever seen.  He relayed his incredible story of how and why he started his Virgin Airways business and branched into other businesses. He’s a visionary and a risk-taker.  The thing Virgin is trying to convey though, is that he’s not alone.  This vision and drive is in all of us.  Just think about all the incredible inventions and business models you’ve heard of in the past year.

In order to properly incentivize and get those creative juices flowing, Virgin Media Business is unleashing an awesome event in March called Three New Things.  This event will be attended by some of the top innovators and businesspeople from the United Kingdom.  This showcase will allow individual innovators to showcase their ideas and talent.  Winners will have the opportunity to meet with Richard Branson directly to tap his insight and experience in launching new products, and also be in the running for up to £25,000 in free business telecoms.

Over the years, I’ve had many ideas that have come and gone.  This ranged from a combination boardgame that allows you to use a search engine during gameplay to other ideas I thought were great only to find that they’ve already been invented.  My entreprenurial risk level wasn’t high enough to sink my life’s savings into any one goal though, but I did end up as a landlord and co-founder of an outsourcing firm among other things.  This is all while working a full-time job.  It is possible – what’s your dream?

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