Sponsored Video: Insane Views of New Zealand

by Darwin on August 29, 2012

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New Zealand has a lot going for it lately, but something it’s always had is absolutely breathtaking beauty.  It’s no secret that the Lord of the Rings franchise and multiple other movies use their landscape for their sets, but it’s also a tourist magnet.  If you don’t know much about New Zealand, it’s a large island country about 900 miles East of Australia which was settled by ancestors primarily of European descent (aside from the native Maori who still comprise the largest minority on the island) and 98%% of the population speaks English so you’d feel right at home from that standpoint.   The country boasts some impresssive credentials from an economic standpoint as well, including ranking 5th in last yyear’s Human Development Index (HDI) and 4th in the The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom.

Depending on where you’re coming from, it may well be worth the trip if you were initially only focused on say, Australia or Asia initially.  Of the friends we have that have been to Australia, each of them have ventured on to New Zealand as well with the notion that it’s a place that can’t be missed while in the region and none of them have been disappointed.  I was stricken by the imagery and feel in the video below; definitely worth the watch if New Zealand is somewhere you’ve ever considered visiting:

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