The 5 Most Useful College Courses to Take

by Darwin on March 21, 2019

Just what makes a college course “useful” is relative. After all, if your ambition is to become a criminal-defense lawyer, then you’ll have to acquaint yourself with hundreds of legal statutes and precedents that the average person wouldn’t. Nevertheless, there are a few classes that provide universal benefit –– no matter your degree or experience level. Here are our picks for the five college courses every student should take: 

English Composition

In business, communication is key. So whatever career path you ultimately choose, chances are you’ll need to be able to write competently to advance. As such, taking an introductory English class that covers basic grammar and style best practices is a tremendous idea. Professionals who can write effectively hold a substantial advantage over their peers who can’t. Furthermore, it may be wise to take a survey course that reviews significant literary works throughout history. This will provide you with essential cultural knowledge for the rest of your life!

Personal Finance

Some of the most capable individuals in struggle to manage their money; it’s unwise to assume that you won’t have to budget for extended periods of your life. In fact, 73% of Americans die in debt. The sooner you learn how to save for retirement, apply for a loan, and handle a credit card, the better off you’ll be in the long run. 

Web Design

The future is here and it’s on the internet. Versatile pros who know how to navigate the back-end of websites are in huge demand to small businesses in all industries. Even if it’s not your primary goal to work in web design, knowing a few core tenants will make it that much easier to market yourself to potential employers. 

Professional Development

Speaking of ways to impress employers, nearly every college offers a “professional development” type of class that teaches students how to create a resume, write a cover letter, and in short, land that first job after graduation. Don’t discount this course! The ins and outs of the hiring process are quite nuanced, and if you don’t appreciate how to “play the game” (so to speak) you could find yourself waiting for a while before you finally get a job. 

Public Speaking 

It’s a well-peddled fun fact that more people fear public speaking than death. In general, speaking in front of a large audience is a nerve-wracking experience. Rather than ignoring this phobia and passing up on potential opportunities as a result, you can take a course to become more confident and self-assured. 

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter if you attend university to learn about sodium citrate coagulation or to master French cuisine –– any one of the above classes will help you achieve your long-term goals. Plus, you can always sign up for a couple of these courses at your local community college too!

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