The Art of Paying For Good Visuals on an App!

by Darwin on January 31, 2017

Consumers and prospective target audience these days are keener on understanding product offerings the visual way. Gone are the days when a powerful copy or wordplay magic evoked curiosity! To cater to these needs, developers have come up with social networking platforms whereby the businesses and organizations can demonstrate their work offerings in a creative manner. Instagram is a social networking app which is growing popular these days. It is a photo and video sharing app on a smartphone and is known for its filters and hashtags. It is widely used by users for their personal photographs and interests. Likewise, businesses are also having their Insta page to demonstrate smart product and service offerings through pictures and videos. The beauty of this app is such that it can be linked to your organization’s Facebook page. This gives you a cross-market penetration as you sponsor your posts on Facebook, it automatically goes Live on Instagram.


The Instagram mechanism


Instagram is a social media app and is compatible with both iOS and Android. From a user’s perspective, you do not need to have a good camera as it has filters and effects which give your image a better quality and variation. Every user has the option to follow its peers and allow peers to follow back. Based on the number of followers, your popularity is measured and your Instagram pictures get a high traction. You need to use relevant hashtags and unlike Twitter, there are no character limitations in this app. You can go up to thirty hashtags or more depending on your post. Your hashtags form a league with users creating a similar hashtag blend and bring out the community feel. From an organizational perspective, there is a chance of following more and being followed less. The reason being users don’t like to have a set of people they are following from a business perspective. This challenge gives way to adding money to get people to follow you. Thus, in order to buy Instagram followers, you need to get an authentic site which gives you legit followers.

Paid following and know how


There are sites which offer you a set of paid followers, but they cannot guarantee the authenticity of the followers. Facebook has a strict policy of deactivating accounts which are made to follow organizations’ page – fake profiles in short. Instagram is slightly more lenient and has a flatter set of principles. The paid services offered by various websites have multiple features like getting comments on your posts, increasing followers and also geographic follower targeting. You need to have a valid credit card or Paypal account to make payments and transactions and the websites are meticulous about their refund policies. Having a set of followers lead to word of mouth and your follower base tends to increase organically.


Retaining followers


Once you buy Instagram followers, you need cannot take the followers for granted. The reason being everyone craves and scavenges for good content and visual treat. You cannot upload bad quality pictures which are meaningless and expect word of mouth to spread or followers to stick. In a competitive environment, you need to come up with unique – thought provoking content for a better connection.

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