The Best Tech Stocks to Monitor in 2017

by Darwin on August 30, 2016

Investing within the technology sector has always been an attractive proposition for both novice and seasoned traders alike. Whether arising from the breakneck advances that many firms have made or due to the sheer interest of this field, individuals from all walks of life monitor technology stocks on a daily basis. 2017 could prove to be an exceptional year when we consider that other markets such as currencies and indices may be in for a wild ride. Let us examine three companies which could have a potentially massive impact within their industries during the 2017 financial year.




NeoPhotonics can be seen as one of the fastest movers within the technology sector. Its share price has increased by no less than 30 per cent this year and perhaps what is more impressive is that this value has grown by 305 percent since 2015 (1). NeoPhotonics (NYSE: NPTN) is primarily involved with manufacturing components to be used in modern communications networks. Laser modules and integrated circuits are some other areas within their domain. The revenue of this firm has increased every quarter of 2015 and 2016 (at the time that this article was written). In 2016, the net income of NeoPhotonics was estimated at $2.7 million dollars (up by 50 per cent when compared to the previous reporting year). This represents a share price rise of $0.06 cents.


While somewhat new to the New York Stock Exchange, NeoPhotonics already enjoys a rather strong market presence. Due to such promising results, the company raised its growth forecast for the remainder of this year from 22 to 25 per cent. Those who are interested in a fast-moving company should keep a close eye on NeoPhotonics.


Advanced Micro Devices Inc.


Since August 2015, the stock price of Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) has increased by 132 per cent. What is also very interesting to note is that AMD shares currently trade for approximately six dollars although the market cap for the firm is a respectable $5.25 million dollars. Advanced Micro Devices produces integrated circuits for many smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices.


AMD can be considered somewhat of a “dark horse” in terms of a tech stock, for past struggles caused the company to lose substantial capital since as far back as 2006. A recent joint venture valued at $300 million dollars is an excellent opportunity for investors to capitalise on medium-term growth. In many ways, shares in AMD could be a bargain considering that the company predicts an additional profit of $1.21 billion dollars during Q3 2016. 2017 should prove similarly productive.




International Business Machines Inc. (NYSE: IBM) is certainly not a newcomer to the technology sector. Even those who have never invested a day in their lives are well aware of the importance of this computing giant. There are two reasons why IBM could be a top pick for 2016 and 2017. First, the sheer size of the company is likely to be able to supersede any volatility on the open market. The same cannot always be said for smaller firms. The market capitalisation will likewise help to ensure a steady profit stream. IBM could be a great choice for those who are looking to build sustainable wealth from a long-term perspective.


The second aspect which makes IBM attractive is associated with its dividends. Unlike many companies, these have been steadily and predictably rising for a total of 21 years (2). The fact that yields of 3.46 per cent are some of the best in the industry also cannot be overlooked. In terms of appreciation, IBM is truly a powerhouse. This may also represent a more conservative stance to offset the potential volatility of other small-cap firms.


It is now possible to access these and many other technology companies with the help of trading systems such as those offered by CMC Markets. Any tech-savvy trader should certainly keep a close eye on these three firms during the remainder of this year and well into 2017. Of course, many will choose to invest in other areas such as commodities, Forex trades and CFDs. This broad approach can help to secure a strong financial foundation.

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