Tips for Surviving Financially after Cyber Monday

by Darwin on November 30, 2012

Black Friday is more like a swarm of angry bees than it is reasonable shoppers loving for savings. Stampedes and yelling and screaming – it’s not something many want to take part of, not to even mention the cost of fuel to store-hop over the course of a day. And while Cyber Monday is a great alternative for the online shoppers of the world, it has come and gone. So, what now?

How can holiday shoppers save money on their purchases now that the big super-savings holidays have passed? Well, any frugal-minded shopper knows that it’s only a matter of pooling your resources and knowledge. The best part: You still don’t have to leave your chair to do it. You can survive financially after Cyber Monday by using a few handy tips.

3 Fast, Effective Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Shopping

Check for Online Vouchers

Before you start typing random store names into your search browser, you should first check out a good voucher site if you’re serious about saving money with online discounts. Your goal here should be to find out which stores you can save at and the types of savings you’re in store for before wasting time surfing. Check for free shipping, percentages off entire orders, BOGO offers, etc, and then attempt to match your voucher with a store’s sale for double the savings – perhaps even waiting until that particular store has another sale.

Wear Out Your Keys!

Now that you know where to look for vouchers, go ahead and do some good, old-fashioned detective work with your keyboard. Don’t just settle for the store’s first page of sales items. Dig deeper and look for overstocked items, items that are on the back pages that are already deeply discounted, and other out-of-sight merchandise that you can save on. The average person spends only a few minutes doing their online shopping. They already know what they want before they log onto the site. Well, reverse this trend and let the stores serve as your shopping inspiration. Browsing around can save you a lot of money, especially when you combine offers.

Amazon Instead of eBay

Most savvy holiday shoppers online will swear by eBay’s auctions, but they technically have to win those items by essentially forcing other bidders to drop out. If you’re lucky, you can save. But on another big-name web-store, Amazon, you don’t have to fuss with auctions. A simple search of Amazon will reveal multiple duplicates of the same item, with some sellers letting their merchandise go for a far sight cheaper than you’ll find it elsewhere. Plus, if you’re shopping with coupons for Amazon, you can save a hefty percentage off of items or receive free shipping.

You may have missed out on Cyber Monday already, but you don’t have to miss out on savings. If you’re willing to take the time to find the deals, you can pick up some high-quality gifts this year without having to break the bank.

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krantcents November 30, 2012 at 5:42 pm

Good points! I love using the various shopping bots when I shop online. It takes all the work out of finding the lowest prices.


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