Video Resume and Ways You Can Use It to Advance Your Career

by Darwin on March 28, 2016

When talking about the today’s job market, the first thing you will most likely to admit is that it’s highly competitive. That is why creating the video resume as an attachment for your traditional curriculum vitae will not only make you stand out from the bunch of job seekers, but also help you to get the dream job.

A video resume is a pretty popular trend that job seekers give their preference to nowadays. First of all, because it helps you to provide the potential hiring managers with a more precise description of your personality and skills. Moreover, potential employers may be sure that it is done with your own efforts, not by a special writing agencies like To add more, a video resume helps employers assess your candidacy that would have been otherwise blurred in a traditional resume.

In order to bring out your real personality, you’re welcome to easily upload your video resume on the web via YouTube or any other channel and enjoy the whole scope of advantages it is known for!

  1. It Elicits Your True Personality

A video camera gives you a superb opportunity to showcase your skills and talents in just a three-minute footage. So, make sure to avail of your chance to express your inner world with a video resume. When you create an interesting video with positive body language, your potential employer will get engaged and interested.

  1. It Helps You If You’re Good Looking

If you’re lucky to be photogenic, then a video resume is a powerful tool in your hands! You can easily hook an employer using your video resume since, as we all know, employers tend to give preference to the candidates, who have a pleasant personality.

  1. It Helps to Express Your Enthusiasm

Feel free to express your enthusiasm in a more effective way than a written resume. You can not only tell the world who you are, but put across your aspirations and feelings that you’re expecting from the position. Using a three-minute video, you have a chance to express what you have inside with the help of your body language in order to convince the employer that you’re the best fit for the position.

  1. It Promotes and Sells Your Skills

One of the ways to use your video resume correctly is to pitch well before your potential employer. It gives you’re an opportunity to show up your technical skills in both – non-verbal and verbal way. In order words, you can demonstrate the whole scope of your talents and abilities for a sales position (verbal manner) and your photography skills (non-verbal manner).      

  1. It Demonstrates Your Sense of Gadgets

When using a video resume as your ticket to the dream job you’re demonstrating that you’re technologically savvy and have a knack for all popular trends. Employers tend to choose the candidates, who are well-aware of all tech practices and have a particular taste in techs.  

  1. It Brings Your Funny Side to the Surface

Use your chance to demonstrate your humorous side to the employer! So, if you have a great sense of humor and making people laugh is easy as pie for you, a video resume will certainly demonstrate that side to the hiring managers.

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