What You Need To Know About Precious Metals IRA

by Darwin on April 1, 2016

There are many people who have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). These plans allow individuals to save up for their retirement. There are several advantages to having an IRA, including a lower tax after you have retired.

There are different types of IRA accounts, however. Some of these are precious metals or gold IRA accounts, which are increasing in popularity. Precious metal IRA is a form of IRA that lets investors purchase particular amounts of physical precious metals. This is instead of the paper-based resources that retirement accounts are typically based on. These include money, stocks, and bonds.

The Process

To be able to convert your individual retirement account into a precious metal IRA, you must first create a self-directed IRA. Self-directed refers to an account that is managed by only the individual investor. This allows you to make investments in a wider field of industries than most investment firms.

There are two separate entities that you have to deal with when setting up a precious metals IRA. The first is a broker. This is the individual or firm that will purchase the physical precious metal for you. A custodian, the other party, will construct and maintain your account. Custodians are typically banks or similar financial institutions. They can also be credit unions, brokerage firms, or trust companies. The custodians will hold and secure the physical precious metals.

The Pros and Cons

As with many types of investments, there are always risks with every profit afforded. Precious metals such as gold have typically been a ‘safe’ commodity. This is because many people turn to these precious metals when the market is performing poorly. Gold, in particular, has been the investment that people make against the depreciation of currency, particularly the U.S. dollar. The value of gold may occasionally go down, but it will never be worthless. The same cannot be said for paper-based assets.

Having such an IRA also allows to have diversification among your investments. This safeguards your portfolio from too much risk. This can ensure that when other paper-based assets are performing badly, the precious metals IRA will perform better.

The physical nature of precious metals IRA, often cause people to be quite concerned. This is because there is always the chance of theft or fraud. For instance, your stash of precious metals can be stolen from the vault. You can also be dealing with brokers or custodians that may be selling you something that might not exist.

This is why it is important to always choose custodians that offer insurance. This can provide you with a security net in the event that your property does get stolen. When you insure it, you will still be able to have the value of the gold in cash.

Precious metals IRA can be an important part of your portfolio. It can certainly help to boost your profits and ensure that you have a greater nest egg when you finally retire. You should consider converting at least a small amount of your savings into a precious metals IRA.

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