How To Persuade Your Partner To Save Money

January 23, 2016

Having a partner who refuses to live in frugal manner, while you are taking the proper financial precautions, can be maddening. When you are clipping coupons to save on your family’s next trip to the grocery store or getting online promos from such websites as Discountrue to Target, they are planning an extravagant vacation that […]

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Snowy Days are Back Again

December 18, 2015

The holidays are here again, and that means biting cold and snow for many places in North America and the globe. There always seem to be accidents and fatalities during the winter months, from cars veering off the road to people getting lost in a snowstorm. If you need to get out-and-about when the weather […]

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Considerations for Real Estate Purchases and Refinancing

December 15, 2015

With interest rates remaining as low as they are and the economy continuing to improve, more and more people transition into a position of being able to either refinance and existing mortgage or execute a new real estate purchase.  I’ve been pretty busy in this regard myself over the past few years. Refinancing of existing […]

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Removing the Mystery and Confusion: Conveyancing Explained

December 6, 2014

Conveyancing is an integral part of the house buying and selling process, but very few of us really understand exactly what is involved and what the fees we are paying out are related to. Although you will almost certainly use a licenced conveyancer or solicitor to help you buy or sell your house, it make […]

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Turn Your Hobby into a Job: How Your Art Can Pay Your Bills

July 9, 2014

If you enjoy painting, you might think about how expensive it is to purchase all of your materials. In fact, all art can get pretty expensive when all the money you’re spending is a one way street. Luckily, if you’re any good, you can start selling your artwork and making a good living in the […]

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Why Do Corporations Buy Back Their Own Stock?

June 12, 2014

By the end of 2013, corporations had spent $477 billion to buy back shares of their own stock. In 2014, Goldman Sachs predicts that corporate buybacks will increase 35 percent. Buybacks can be either good or bad, depending on the reason that companies purchase their own stock. Many economists worry that today’s rampant buybacks spell […]

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