How to Increase Tips as a Delivery Driver

by Darwin on November 25, 2022

Whether you’re employed as a delivery driver at a local restaurant or working a side gig delivering food for Doordash, Postmates, or Uber Eats, it’s no secret that a majority of the money you make comes from customer tips. While the amount of money you receive in tips each day is ultimately up to the customers you deliver for, there are ways you can increase your customer service skills to boost your chances of earning tips from satisfied customers.

Double Check Orders

While you have no say over the food that is prepared for your customers, it is important for you to double check that the food they are receiving matches the food, as customers not receiving their correct order is one of the most common factors that leads to a lack of tips for delivery drivers. Double checking that a customer’s order is correct before you leave the restaurant will increase the likelihood of you getting a good tip, and decrease the chances of having to deal with any unhappy customers in the future.

Keep Customers Updated

Letting customers know when you are on the way with their food and keeping them updated about any obstacles (such as a long wait at a restaurant, traffic on the way to their home, etc) is likely to leave a customer in a good mood ahead of receiving their delivery since they can know when exactly to expect it. Plus, this helps you to form a positive connection with the customer during a delivery, leading to an increased chance of receiving a bigger tip.

Be Friendly

While delivery driving is not as difficult of a job as working in a medical clinic such as Northwest Surgery Center, it is important not to slack off and forget that you are working in a custoemr service position when dropping off a customer’s food. Always greet customers with a big smile, and be sure to engage with them about their food if they seem up for it – for example, talking to them about a dish you have had before from a popular restaurant or giving them recommendations for their next order. This will also help to establish a positive relationship between yourself and a customer, further increasing your chances of receiving a tip.

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