3 Nontraditional Loans Designed For Success

by Darwin on March 22, 2014

Nontraditional Loans

When you want to borrow some cash, you must think of other ways than heading to the bank. Currently, a lot of banks will require so much paperwork that most clients will have a hard time qualifying. Unfortunately, this is a common problem and many end up walking away from the idea to start a business. Luckily, some people have responded by offering great ways to borrow money without so much red tape. Here are three nontraditional loans designed for success.

Auto title loan: If you are like most people, you own a car. With this, you have instant collateral and can borrow a large sum of money. This is perfect if you have a winning business idea and do not know where to obtain the funds. Think about it, when you want to get some cash, you will want to walk in and out of the offices of the lender. However, this is not easy to do without an auto title loan. But, when you have a vehicle with some value, you can go a long way in securing the funds needed for your business. Not only that, since all you need is a car, you should have no trouble qualifying. Finally, there is one more benefit to this loan style. With an auto title vehicle loan, you will pay a low rate on your loan. This will make it easier to pay back the loan.

Peer-to-peer: if you have a compelling story and are great with words, you should use a peer-to-peer lending company. There are plenty of websites devoted to this and you will have no trouble finding a solid and reliable company offering third-party lending services. Then, once you sign up, you can list your wants and needs out of a loan. If you are lucky, you will find a lender who wants to lend you the money. Since you can work with him or her, you can find a great deal and borrow money at a reasonable rate. You will get a great deal on a loan and you will not contribute to the bottom line of a large bank. No, instead, you will help an individual make some money while you will get a good rate on your borrowed funds. Simply put, if you want to find a great deal on a small loan, you should look at peer-to-peer lending networks.

Credit cards: Though this is a last resort, credit card convenience checks can bring in a lot of funds. At the same time, if you look around for a great deal, you can probably lower your interest rate on any existing loans. To find out the answer on this, you must contact your credit card company and ask for an offer. When doing so, you need to read the paperwork and determine if you will save money. Sadly, some companies add so many fees in the contract. This often makes the loan a bad deal. While this is the least structured of the three ideas, you can get a great deal on your loan if you shop around for a low credit card rate.

With these three ideas, you can find a great way to borrow money. Either way you do it, you will do well to understand your situation and needs.

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