Top 5 Five Types of Contractors Who Absolutely Need General Liability Insurance

by Darwin on March 22, 2014


General liability insurance is important for individuals and businesses that require umbrella insurance to cover unforeseen accidents that occur in the course of their work. This can include damage to a house or bodily injury that happens during a project. However, even less common concerns like financial losses incurred as a consequence of the advice given to a homeowner or injuries caused by food or alcohol preparation in your business are also covered. Most any businessperson who needs additional insurance to cover them in the course of their commercial enterprises can get something out of general liability insurance. However, there are a few professions where it is indispensable.

When You Can’t Do Without General Liability Insurance

Any professional or business owner that works with government officials or near property that can be damaged will be required to carry general liability insurance just to work within city limits. Without it, they may not be authorized to work within a particular city’s limits. Here are a few such professionals:

1. Independent Construction Contractors – There are plenty of laws that make it important for independent construction contractors to carry liability insurance. They will want to protect their business and homeowner from losses incurred by subcontractors or through negligence.

2. Plumber and Electricians – Other business owners who need liability insurance are plumbers and electricians. These jobs, if done incorrectly or if they miss something, can lead to flooding or fires.

3. Home Remodelers – Even if you don’t plan to knock out a way or rewire anything, you may still have the potential for accidents if you’re climbing up and down ladders or using heavy equipment. To protect against bodily injury for you and anyone who is also on the job site, carry general liability insurance.

4. Repair People – Repairs can also be a field full of potential disasters. People who promise to repair something and fail can get sued. Often, repairs have to be completed by tearing out walls or destroying something before it can be replaced. Repair people need to be particularly careful that they carry liability insurance.

5. Tree Trimmers – Even though trees are outside the home, they are still on someone’s property. They can fall on fences outside the boundary line damaging someone else’s property, too. Trimming trees is a dangerous occupation that requires large equipment that can cause severe injuries, if something goes wrong.

Who Else Needs General Liability Insurance

It might surprise you to find out that even people who are just styling hair in a home salon will need general liability insurance. Any business owner conducting business in the home, where they are meeting clients, will have a reason to carry general liability insurance. Anyone that has to estimate a job and contract it out, would be wise to carry liability insurance in the event of a contract dispute. People who are just cleaning homes may think they don’t really require general liability insurance. If they have to do any heavy lifting and could potentially damage the house in the course of their activities, then it would be a good idea to carry general liability insurance to protect their business and the home. Any small business owner that might run the risk of property loss or bodily harm during the course of business should consider general liability insurance.

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