3 Simple Ways to Save on Flights

by Darwin on November 25, 2022

For many families, the biggest cost associated with traveling is flying. While flying is often the most convenient way to reach your destination, doing so can be pricey. From flying on a budget airline to chartering a private flight from Access Jet Group, there’s no denying that flying is expensive.  If you’re planning a trip in the upcoming months and finding yourself feeling overwhelmed with the cost of flights, don’t panic! Here are a few simple ways to save money on the cost of flying that will not require you to compromise any aspect of your vacation.

1. Be Flexible

It’s no secret that the same flight can vary in pricing on different days. When planning your vacation, remaining flexible can be a surprising way to save a considerable amount of money. Instead of trying to find flights on pre-decided dates, try switching the way you plan. Determine a general time frame in which you’d like to travel, and then book your flights on the cheapest available dates.

2. Use Incognito Browser

This lesser known hack has saved travelers around the world up to hundreds of dollars on both domestic and international flights. Many people do not realize this, but software such as Google Flights and certain travel websites base the price of flights on one’s location when browsing; this means that turning off location tracking features and browsing the web in an Incognito or private tab can help to lower the cost of a flight from the same departure location that would otherwise cost more.

3. Use Third Party Apps

Before the internet was widely accessible, people booked vacations with the help of a travel agent who could do all of the difficult work of finding and booking the best and cheapest flights, while also giving travelers access to exclusive deals. Today, helpful travel apps like Wanderu and Sky Scanner can do these jobs, making travel seamless and easy for people around the world with just a few clicks. These apps can not only help you find the right flights based on your desired dates of travel and your itinerary, but can also help you to find flights within your budget as well. Plus, many third party travel apps offer exclusive discounts for users who book flights directly through the app, and offer reward points or further discounts that can be redeemed for lodging, food, transportation, and more  upon arrival at your destination.



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