3 Ways To Afford Spring Break on a College Budget

by Darwin on May 29, 2022

Aside from midterm and final exams, one of the biggest stressor for college students these days might be how to afford a spring break trip on a tight budget. It seems like every college student in America spent their spring break partying on a beach or at another tropical vacation destination this year, and you might find yourself wondering how they did it. For many students, spring break trips are a matter of saving up money, budgeting, and cutting costs wherever possible – even if this means sacrificing the comforts of a vacation that many post-grad adults  consider necessary. Spring  break might not mean a luxury getaway on a private plane from ​​accessjetgroup.com, but for students around the country, it is equally enjoyable.

Here are a few ways to afford spring break as a college student on a budget.


1.Budget Airlines

When planning a trip on a budget, one of the biggest ways to save money is booking a flight on a budget airline like Spirit or Frontier. While these flights often come with pretty harsh luggage restrictions and would not be ideal for those traveling for a lengthy trip where heavy packing is necessary, they are perfect for students taking a short trip. Just remember to pack lightly!


2.Fly on Weekdays

No matter your destination, flying during the week is an easy way to save money on a trip. Weekend flights from any airline are often more expensive, since this is when many travelers choose to fly. If you have an entire week of school, consider flying out on Monday – although it might seem like a good idea to begin your trip the first weekend of break so that you can maximize your vacation time, those weekend flights will be pricey, and waiting even a couple days can save money.


3.Rent an Apartment or Home

If you are traveling with a large group of friends, splitting an apartment or home rental from a site like Airbnb can end up being much cheaper than the cost of a traditional hotel room. Hotels, especially those located at popular tourist destinations, often upcharge the cost of their rooms over certain periods such as spring break; renting an apartment or home will avoid this, while giving your group more space and privacy as well. Just be sure to book your rental as early as possible, since rentals at popular destinations fill up quickly.

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