5 of the Highest Paying College Majors

by Darwin on May 29, 2022


For incoming college students, picking a major can be one of the most important decisions you make in your academic career. If you aren’t sure exactly what career you want to pursue for the rest of your life, you might find yourself mostly motivated by money, and simply interested in choosing a degree that is guaranteed to make you a decent amount of money. While you should put your passions and interests ahead of the possibility of making money, doing research into some of the highest paying career fields might help you land on a major, depending on what qualities of a job are most important to you.


Take a look at 5 of the highest-paying college majors and determine if any of them seem like a good fit for you.



Those who pursue an engineering degree are likely to start at an average salary of $70,000-100,000 per year. This is a field in which you can pursue a variety of specialties, such as electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil, computer, and aerospace engineering, so it could be a great fit for a diverse group of individuals with varying interests.



If you are good at or enjoy doing math, your skills could pay off. With an average starting salary of about $60,000, a Mathematics major can get you a job in several high-paying, specialized career fields due to the fact that math can be applied to so many jobs.



Similar to a Mathematics major, the average starting salary for an individual with an Economics degree is about $60,000, and can land college graduates a job in banking/investment, government, or academia. This field utilizes more business and communication skills than a standard Mathematics degree.



It should come as no surprise that students pursuing a degree in the medical field will make a higher salary upon entering the workforce than many of their peers. Pursing a Pre-Medicine degree can allow you to study many specialized subjects while preparing you for medical school, where you can earn qualifications to work jobs such as a surgeon with rcmcmedicalcenter.com.



With an average starting salary of about $50,000, graduates with an Accounting degree can expect to enter the workforce ready to analyze or manage the finances of companies or individuals, making this the perfect major for those passionate about mathematics as well as business.





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