Creative ways to get money in times of an emergency

by Darwin on July 30, 2018

Most of us have been there before. We’re in a financial bind and have
drained our savings account. Even though experts say we should have 6
months of savings in our savings account, sometimes that’s impossible
with the cost of living and expenses and an emergency.

What is even worse is if you have a poor credit history, a bankruptcy
in your past, or a foreclosure. Many people have heard about payday
loans, but there is actually another option out there if. If you live in California you can check out Family Title Loans to see if you qualify for a short term vehicle collateral loan.

Other options to get money include talking to a family, friend, or relative.
In some cases relationships can be ruined when money gets involved between
friends, relatives, or family members, so make sure to communicate expectations and get things in writing up front so both parties agree to what is at stake.

Consider selling stuff on Craigslist or eBay or Facebook

Look around your house, or apartment. What items do you have that you
don’t really use anymore? The fastest way to get cash is to list an
item for sale on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. You can even go to eBay. You have to be, realistic, however and understand that if what you are selling is available, then you are not likely to get a lot of money for it. It also helps to do research ahead of time so you can be sure you are getting the most money you can. Cleaning up whatever you are selling, taking good photographys, and spending time on a good description are things that generally will reward you for your time.

Call your creditors and ask to work with them

Did you know that people you owe money to are, in most cases, willing to work with you? Why? Because they want paid back. Chasing you down in court, filing fees, and all of that costs them money. If you explain the situation that you are in with precision, detail, and information many times the lender or creditor will work with you. This is, of course, not always the case.

Whatever the case remember, all hope is not lost. You will be okay if you take some deep breathes, think about things, and then get creative.

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