Is There a Proper Way To Ask for a Promotion?

by Darwin on July 16, 2018

If you’re aware of an available position within your company, it could be a good time to ask for a promotion. You may do well by first asking your boss in a casual way rather than going through formal channels. You can also place your career ambitions in the capable hands of one of the top staffing agencies in Los Angeles, Beacon Resources, and let our recruiters engineer a promotion for you. We connect our candidates with some of the best employers in the accounting and financial fields.

Is It Better To Seek a Promotion Within Your Company or Elsewhere?

Whether you advance in your career within or outside of your current employer, following up on your ambitions helps to develop a more realistic assessment of your skills. Speaking to a recruiter outside of your current employer can require you to come up with a more objective and potentially greater inventory of employment assets than you would have considered while pursuing an internal promotion. You can both redefine and further your career by working with a top-level staffing agency.

How We Help You Land a Promotion

Employed professionals may not have time for job-hunting or networking with potential employers. Many still score promotions, however, through our internal network of employers. We have access to positions not advertised online or posted on job boards and we make available to accounting and finance professionals a wealth of industry insight and career opportunities.

We help you reach your career goals by:

  • Connecting you with jobs matching your skills and desired salary
  • Forwarding your resume to potential employers
  • Communicating with interested hiring managers
  • Improving your placement chances by marketing you to the most relevant employers
  • Explaining to potential employers why you’re seeking another position
  • Remaining discreet, so that your current employment situation is not disrupted


Begin Your Advancement

Beacon Resourcesbrings professionals to the next level in their career. With our team, you’ll find the means to reach your goals. Contact one of our Los Angeles accounting recruitersand learn how you can better achieve your hoped-for promotion outside of your current employer.


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