Discounted Amazon Prime Membership This Weekend Only!

by Darwin on January 15, 2016

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Amazon Prime is one of the best efficiency and cost savings improvements our family has seen in years.  Any time I forget to pick up batteries, shampoo, any gadget, whatever it is, I just pop in my Amazon app on my phone and hit buy. It takes seconds rather than the time and gas I use running errands.  It’s been an amazing transformation of us.  Even better, they offer various Amazon credit cards which off cash back discounts, so aside from rock-bottom pricing and in some cases no taxes, you’re getting 5% back on purchases (no other card out there gives unlimited 5% cash back).  Most people I know are using Amazon by now, but not everyone has taken the plunge with Prime.  Aside from getting Free shipping in 2 days on most items, we use it for the Netflix-like movie/series streaming service which comes free with your membership.  We’re actually in the midst of an Amazing series called Man in the High Castle.  If you haven’t heard of it, it contemplates what America would look like if Japan and Germany had won WW2.  Awesome.  But I digress, for this weekend only, Amazon is offering a discounted Prime membership to all new members.  So head on over and sign up – this Link will provide you with the discounted rate.

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