Why You Should Broadcast Yourself Live Online

by Darwin on January 13, 2016

Why should you or your business choose to broadcast a live stream to viewers? Live broadcasting does have a few challenges. It’s more expensive to produce than video on demand, there are several challenges to addressing the bandwidth bump required as the video is streamed across an organization and unexpected things can happen, not allowing for do-overs when live.

However, live broadcasting has many pros as well. When you broadcast yourself live with the help of a provider like Blue Jeans, the broadcast helps to promote your business or content and ensures increased engagement with the potential for increased revenue. Read on for seven more very good reasons to broadcast your stream live today.


Reason 1: You can reach a wider audience.

Streaming an event live ensures a wider audience, as many viewers drop everything to watch a live event they know they might not be able to watch later. Not only are you reaching more people, you’re receiving immediate attention from your viewers. More people might tune into the broadcast because it’s easily accessible via various devices, or because they wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend a broadcasting event located outside of their home.


Reason 2: You ensure that you receive immediate attendance from your online audience.

This is especially important if your message is timely. If you’re using a video stream to promote a product or venue, you can make sure that you receive immediate attention from your digital audience with a live stream. With a recorded video, your audience might delay watching your viral video until next week, but with a live stream, you ensure that you’re reaching your audience immediately, so that they can support your efforts in a timely manner.


Reason 3: Live streaming is faster with practice.

“With live streaming, it’s much faster,” Drew said on LiveStreamChicago. “If you take the time to set up your environment properly, you can make those meaningful decisions – the cuts – as the event is occurring and have the video product as soon as the event is over. It’s live.”


Reason 4: Live streaming reduces the cost of your event.

With live streaming, you not only don’t have to worry about saving your content for later use, but you don’t have the costs associated with an in-person event. Without catering or space rentals or travel and lodging fees, you can save tens of thousands of dollars by live streaming your content.


Reason 5: You can get more people involved through social media.

When you broadcast live, you have the opportunity to increase the online interaction with your current and potential customers. You can invite them to interact with you on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google, before, during and after your live broadcast. They’re also able to easily share your content, as noted by The Guardian. You should be open to both positive and negative feedback, because your audience is a great source of constructive criticism.


Reason 6: You can easily increase your company’s revenue with live streaming.

If you’re using live streaming for business purposes, free live streaming events allow you to easily generate new leads. You can also choose to charge for your live stream feed if you think that your online audience will pay to see it. If you’re live streaming an in-person event, you can also charge admission for in-person attendees, as well as any merchandise you sell during your event and online. Live streaming simply makes it easier and quicker to increase your business revenue.


Reason 7: People are most likely to invest in live streaming channels today.

Due to shortened attention spans and amount of on demand content available, people are simply more likely to invest in a live streaming channel than a recorded one nowadays. Live streaming offers increased engagement and interactive content, as opposed to recorded content. Watching a live stream takes commitment but is also exciting. When you live stream your content, you can enjoy the benefits of a devoted audience.

So it’s worth your while to try an interactive video streaming service today. The self-service cloud-based platform allows live streaming to your digital audience, as well as increased engagement. You can present, watch or listen from a computer, room system or mobile device, no matter where you are. The service allows up to 100 interactive presenters and 3,000 remote attendees, who can view and interact from anywhere. You can seamlessly transition passive viewers to active participants and share audio and video content as well as moderator contributors and participation.

There’s no good reason not to try live streaming to your digital audience today. With the opportunity to reach a wider audience, increase your business’ revenue and interact with more attendees using new streaming services, live streaming to your online audience is more accessible and easy than ever.

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