Essay Writing Service Ins and Outs

by Darwin on August 26, 2015

There are many occasions where I would have loved to have had an essay writing service handle some heavy lifting for me instead of having to hunker down, prioritize, and then write something sub-par myself.  Over the years, various business models have evolved to the point now, where there are viable quality options out there like – college essay service.  Now, of course there are the implications one must think of in terms of whether using such a service is the right move for you, but if you’re past that hurdle or the need is there, then here are some considerations and options at your disposal:

  • Quality of the Writing – First and foremost, you can’t turn in a paper that is written horribly, or conversely, massively outside the scope and tone of what would be expected.  So you’d need to ensure this is clearly articulated up front and services have the staffing to handle these nuances, often with hundreds of writers on hand to handle the projects coming in due to the sheer volume of demand.
  • Plagiarism of Prior Works Is Easy to Catch, so Must be Avoided – When seeking out a college essay service, ensure that they guarantee original writing and that the works pass muster with plagiarism detection software. These days, virtually everything is on the internet and it’s extremely easy for a professor or associate to run simple excerpts of papers through google search or other detection software to see if there is a perfect or strong match to prior works.  There are two key factors at play here – detection and consequences.  In the event there is no detection, the consequence is not something that requires as much focus.  If you submit something that was clearly plagiarized, life can become complicated rather quickly.
  • Speed to Execution – The reality is that in today’s demanding college environment, assignments are often doled out on little notice, or perhaps leading into a spring or winter break you’ve been looking forward to.  If the choice is between going to Cancun or writing several papers next Spring, the option does exist of course, to rely on a writing service.  Generally, you’ll pay for urgent prioritization, but the increase in cost isn’t as monumental as you might think.  After all, time is money and so is prioritization of your moments you’ll never get back in life at what many consider to be the best years of your life.  A pretty standard lead time which usually comes at the lowest cost is about 2 weeks.  However, papers can be expedited from there all the way down to the procrastinator’s dream of an 8 hour deadline to be submitted the next day.  As you can imagine, to find yourself in this situation, you must be in dire straights and probably willing to pay virtually anything, but from what’s I’ve seen, the pricing there is even reasonable.
  • Cost is a Factor – As I mentioned earlier, the longer lead time you allow for an essay writing service, the lower your rate per page will be.  You should compare a few services for all the factors above, with price being only one of the criteria.  After all, if you automatically focus on the lowest page rate but end up with very low quality work, or even worse – a completely plagiarized document, then you’ll soon realize cost should not have been your sole focus.  However, there are reasonably priced services out there.
  • What to Expect – A typical service will provide works which are between 250-300 words per page, utilizing common acceptable fonts and sizes.  Then, as a free-be you can see the bibliography and title page included as part of the overall package.  Let me just tell you that to complete the bibliography in the correct format alone used to drive me nuts.

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