Five Degrees Well Worth the Investment

by Darwin on August 24, 2015


With the rising cost of tuition, the idea of going (or going back) to college or university can be a dauntingly expensive task. However, there are a select few courses that tend to pay good dividends on this educational investment. If you’re considering studying a degree and are wondering which one might provide you with the best future salary and career path options, here are five degrees that you might want to consider.

  1. Engineering

Although the economy has its ups and downs, it is still generally growing all the time, and growth means that there is constantly production and innovation in manufacturing, infrastructure development and a variety of other important fields. Some of the best engineering options include structural, mechanical and, with the growing technology sector, computer engineering is quite obviously one of the fastest growing fields today.

  1. Accounting

The types of skills acquired while studying for an accounting degree will provide any student with valuable assets that are highly sought after by specialty accounting and auditing firms, the government sector, as well as both major private and public enterprises. An accountant’s career path can lead them into any type of business, and most Chief Financial Officers and Chief Executive Officers have an accounting background.

  1. Medicine

There are few careers that you can virtually guarantee will be around forever, but one of them is certainly the practice of medicine. Doctors and nurses alike are both highly sought after in public and private medicine throughout the world, and they also tend to be extremely well paid. It is true that it does tend to take many years of studying to gain the certifications to practice medicine, but once you’ve achieved them you will have a strong career for life, and the option to work in many countries around the world.

  1. International Business

In today’s growing global economy the study of international business is becoming more and more popular. The degree will help you land a job with a major multi-national corporation, as it not only helps you learn important business practices but also teaches you many of the intricacies of conducting business between different countries. Many of these courses tend to also require or suggest that students spend time abroad and learn a second language, which will also help you to gain good employment in the future.

  1. Architecture and Planning

Just as civil engineers are needed for the ever-growing infrastructure being developed across the globe, architects and planners are always needed to design and monitor the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and more. Just as in medicine, it can take up to 7 years to become a fully certified architect (including undergraduate and graduate studies), but with the large amount of work available and the generous salaries, it is well worth the time.

Whether you decide to study accounting or engineering, remember that there are also numerous part-time offerings available today that will also help cut down on potential debt as you will be able to work as you study.

Image by Pictures of Money used under the Creative Commons License.


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