Oops! You Ran out of Checks: Should You Call the Bank

by Darwin on July 3, 2018

Running out of checks in the middle of a workday is a panic-inducing problem. It’s always a good idea to keep a stock of checks as not being able to make business payments can potentially stop operations. If you own a shop, this means you cannot pay vendors to restock your store inventory. Manufacturing units might be forced to halt production lines due to lack of raw materials. The only thing you can do when you suddenly run out paper checks is to quickly order them so that you can resume normal business operations.

However, ordering them from the bank when you need business checks in a hurry, may be a mistake. Mainly because most banks take days if not weeks to deliver checks because they get the checks printed from third party vendors. Without the check printing infrastructure of their own, banks usually have to rely on the efficiency of their vendors. Unless your bank specifically promises overnight check delivery, you need to find a faster alternative. This is why most veteran business owners rely on independent check printing firms online.

Advantages of Ordering Checks Online from Independent Check Printers

You Get a Better Rate: As mentioned earlier, banks usually do not print checks themselves. They source the paper checks from check printing companies and then resell the checks for a profit to their customers. This is why when you order checks directly from these check printing firms online, you get a much better rate.

You Get Rush Delivery: A lot of these sellers offer checks fast shipping service for an added cost. This means if you are in a hurry to restock your check supply ordering checks from them is your best bet.

More Customization Options: Independent check printers usually have websites dedicated to selling checks directly to business and personal customers. This means you not only get more check types to choose from but also more customizable options.

Cutting Out the Middleman: When ordering checks, banks are essentially nothing but mediators. They usually have no check printing expertise, and thus their customer care executives cannot answer technical questions. This is another reason 

to skip the bank when ordering checks. Independent check printers can not only give you an exact delivery estimate but also help you with artwork, customization, and answer technical check printing related questions.

Rush Shipping vs Overnight Delivery: A lot of online check printers have rush shipping option. However, the only thing the tag “rush shipping” promises is that the checks will be handed over to the courier guy before a pre-specified period. It says nothing about when the package is going to be actually delivered. Instead of opting for rush shipping choose a service that promises overnight delivery. These firms print the checks and send them to customers via overnight mails fulfilled by reputed carriers such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS. This means an order of checks received in the morning is overnighted in the afternoon and they are received by the customer the very next day.



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