What do you know about the Alaska residential contractor endorsement?

by Darwin on November 24, 2020

A residential contractor is a person or a company who has a residential contractor endorsement. They renovate and construct residential houses or small buildings. They manage building projects from start to end. A residential contractor generally deals with clients for small construction projects. They can hire subcontractors like electricians or plumbers who are experts in performing certain parts of a construction project. They are responsible for fixing the cost of raw materials, labour and miscellaneous things and also mall works in houses like flooring, installing windows, siding, landscaping and so on. A residential contractor oversees the construction of multi-unit home projects or individual housing projects. 

Why do you need residential contractor endorsement in Alaska?

Do you need a residential contractor license in Alaska? If yes, then you need to have a residential endorsement to handle the residential building projects. If you have a residential endorsement Alaska, it will help you to construct residential projects. If you have a residential endorsement in your contractor license, you can build the residential houses.

The steps to getting this type of endorsement in Alaska

If you want to handle the residential construction projects, you need to add a residential endorsement to your contractor license in Alaska. There are some steps that you should follow-

  • You need to pass the Alaska Residential Contractor Examination. This exam will test your knowledge, and you need to get a passing score.
  • The time scale of the examination is four hours, and you need to submit the required exam fee.
  • After that, you have to complete a course for a residential contractor from the Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development approved institute.
  • You can complete this course through online sites. This residential contractor endorsement course duration is sixteen hours.
  • After completion of your residential contractor course, you will get a certificate.

After all these steps you will submit your application along with some necessary documents like

  • Proof of the completion of your residential contractor endorsement course
  • A copy of your examination result
  • Notarized and signed residential endorsement contractor license application
  • Licensed general contractor’s name
  • Contractor’s license number.
  • You have to pay a nonrefundable amount.
  •  It will help if you have a surety bond. The amount depends on your contractor’s type.
  • You have to obtain public liability insurance for death or injury and property damage from a bond company.
  • You will require proof of worker’s compensation if you have employees. If you do not have employees, you will get an exemption from carrying compensation for workers.

How will you maintain your Alaska residential contractor endorsement?

If you have your endorsement to work as a residential contractor, you should take some required steps to maintain your contractor endorsement-

  • First, you need to complete your continuing education or CE. There are various general contractor courses you will find. You can also complete your continuing education online mode.
  • You need to complete sixteen hours of continuing education from any Alaska Department of Commerce, and Economic Development approved training institute.
  • After you complete the training, you need to submit the proof of your completion before 31st December on even-numbered years.
  • After that, you can renew your residential contractor endorsement.

Different types of general contractor license endorsement in Alaska

There are three types of general contractor license endorsement in Alaska-

General Contractor with Residential Contractor Endorsement License:

The law of Alaska states that the general contractors who oversee the construction of new homes or perform the work related to residents for more than 25 per cent of the structure’s value, have to obtain a residential contractor endorsement. The individuals who have completed a sixteen-hour course and passed the Residential Contractors Endorsement test.

General Contractor with Residential Contractor Endorsement License:

The general contractors who perform residential reconstruction or carry out commercial work less than 25 percent of the cost of the structure do not require a residential contractor license endorsement. Instead, a general contractor is issued without a Residential Contractor Endorsement License.

General Contractor Handyman License:

The general contractors who carry out commercial work or perform residential reconstruction work under a specific amount must have a General Contractor Handyman License.

How can you grow your business as a Residential contractor?

Choosing a profitable field is mandatory if you want to do business. If you have completed the courses to become a residential contractor, you can earn profits for yourself. Having a residential contractor license endorsement can help you to execute small projects like mini apartments, rooms for individual or small families. You can also open your own company and make your financial status stable.


A residential contractor needs to perform various parts of a construction project. So, if you have a residential contractor license, people will consider you as a reliable residential contractor to carry out a construction project.

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